Herbal Salted Egg Innovation


Public awareness of consuming healthy food that indeed has an impact on body health or commonly known as functional food, emerge not only in the upper middle class but also has become a necessity for all levels of society. Smoked spiced salted egg is one of the innovations currently being developed by Salted Egg Producing Small Medium Enterprise (UKM) “Uinukkk Telur Asin”. This innovation arose due to the high consumer demand for salted eggs, but on the other hand, the supply of the product is still available in the market in the form of original salted eggs. Therefore, in the community service carried out by the team of Food Quality and Health research group, Food Science and Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Sebelas Maret University, the salted egg production process is shifted towards using the method of adding spices and roasting or smoking. These innovations aim to increase the shelf life of salted eggs and the functionality of the salted eggs produced.

Tim Pengabdi Grup Riset  Food Quality and Health Progdi Ilmu Teknologi Pangan UNS

The community service was carried out by introducing an egg smoker to the UKM “Uinukkk Telur Asin” whose own by Mrs. Lelly Nihayati located at Jl Klewer – Sraten, Sraten. Gatak Sukoharjo. This activity is intended to improve the quality and diversification of salted egg products. This smoker uses wood or charcoal with a capacity of up to 1500 eggs in each smoking process. Actually, this smoker is multi-functional because it can be used for the process of making smoked products such as smoked fish, jam, smoked meat and other smoked products.

Egg smoking machine

Smoked and Oven Salted Egg by UKM “Uinukk Telur Asin”