The Study Program of Food Science and Technology (ITP), Faculty of Agriculture, UNS is an Accredited Study Program with a GREAT Work Culture (Gift from God, Respectful, Excellent, Acceleration, Teamwork) in carrying out Higher Education Tri Dharma activities. “Gift from God” can be interpreted that everything is a Gift from Allah SWT so vertical interaction must be strong as a basis for doing something; “Respectful” can be interpreted as a respectful-polite attitude that must be developed in horizontal interactions so that a conducive and constructive synergy is built; “Excellent” can be interpreted as every effort is always made to achieve results with superior quality and benefits; “Acceleration” can be interpreted with all efforts always carried out with prime, progressive energy and a spirit of acceleration; “Teamwork” can be interpreted as a collaboration which is always being developed on a small or large scale, national and international scale.
This GREAT work culture is the spirit of PS ITP FP UNS and is supported by the spirit of conducting life-long learning and making improvements to improve on an ongoing basis (continuous improvement). It is hoped that the objectives of FST SP Faculty of Agriculture UNS will be realised, which include:

  1. To produce graduates of agricultural technology in the field of Food Technology who are virtuous, professional, creative, tough, with high integrity, and able to compete at the international level.
  2. Make FST SP Faculty of Agriculture UNS one of the science and technology development centers in the food sector.
  3. Increasing the role of study programs in community empowerment in the food sector to provide solutions to problems through the application of appropriate technology.