Internship Information

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An internship is part of the Food Science and Technology Study Programme (FST SP) curriculum, along with theoretical and practicum lectures, community services (KKN), and Undergraduate thesis. The internship itself accounts for 3 credits, or equal to 4.5 ECTS. 

Students of FST SP have a chance to do internships domestically or abroad, either in the form of research or industrial practices. These internships could be conducted following the institution partnership or the continuation of MBKM scheme.  

The student intern participants are assisted by an intern supervisor assigned by the Student Internship Unit. Moreover, students are also guided by a field supervisor appointed by the institution where the internship is conducted. The evaluation of the internship activities is based on an assessment of two aspects, namely job field performance and comprehensive mastery of the material. The following components are used to assess the performance aspects: (a) discipline; (b) creativity and field problem-solving skills; (c) teamwork skills; (d) adaptation ability and communication skills; and (e) the relevant working skills. The components for assessing various aspects of material mastery in a comprehensive way consist of mastery and understanding of internship material in writing (reports) and orally (internship exams). Internship examinations are held no later than two months after the internship has been completed.