International Smart Farming Competition
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International Smart Farming Competition


As part of the 45th Dies Natalis agenda, UNS proudly present The 1st International Smart Farming Competition, covering the following topics

1.Precision agriculture
2.Agriculture information, big data, robotic and artificial intelligence
3.E-commerce technology for agricultural products
4.Agricultural products’ quality and safety inspection technology
5.Agriculture modernization model and technology integration 
6.Drones, sensors and multi spectral imaging for agricultural sectors
7.Internet of things for agriculture
8.Other topics related to innovative concepts and technologies for Farming 4.0

Important Dates
Paper and poster submission: 22 Feb-7 May 2021
Preliminary review: 8-14 May 2021
Top 5 Announcements: 15 May 2021 
Video submission: 16-22 May 2021
Online Presentation and Winner Announcement: 25 May 2021

Eligilibiity: active students (diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate)

Other requirements:
1.Participant can be individual or group of 2-4 active university students (diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate)
2.Members of a group may come from different Department or Faculty at the same university
3.Participants must submit their paper (.doc) and poster (.pdf) covering one of the chosen topic
4.Participants must enclosed their CV in the submitted paper
5.Papers should content 3000-3500 words (excluding tables, figures, references and appendix), written in A4 pages, 1.5 spaces, normal margins, Arial font, size 11
6.Poster should be in A1 size, in graphical content, avoid too long sentences
7.Paper should highlight the emerging problems in agricultural sectors in industrial revolution 4.0 era and how best the technical solution of smart farming system might overcome the problems
8.Paper should state briefly and clearly the purpose, methods, development and/or innovation, results and conclusions of the proposed smart farming system
9.The proposed smart farming system may be in a form of structured concept, buta readily displayed prototype will be favorable
10.All papers and posters will be reviewed by expert judges to select the five best participants
11.All five best participants are required to submit a 5 minutes video containing the proposed smart farming system, in .mpeg or .mp4 format with file size not more than 100 Mb
12.All five participants that have been selected will need to attend the presentation (final) round or otherwise they would be viewed as forfeiting their participation

Link Registration and Submission

Admission Fee: Free of Charge

1st place: $ 350 + Winner E-certificate
2nd place : $ 250 + Winner E-certificate
3rd place  : $ 150 + Winner E-certificate

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